Don’t pay for website templates with Feedmethemes

June 20, 2018

Today we want to introduce a service which can help in faster promoting of any project online. After you’ve come up with an idea of a product or service and decided to show it online, there’s a need for a good website design. Feedmethemes offers ready-made themes which can be simply downloaded for free and used for any platform and website.

Choose the details and start promoting at once

If you want to try this service, it’ll be very easy to understand how it works. Choose everything you want to see from color to additional features and look how many templates are available. Free website themes are in the section “free”, premium variants are also offered. The service filters its products very convenient and the most suitable theme can be found in one of the 24 categories. Everybody can try Feedmethemes because the most popular platforms (HTML, WordPress and Drupal) are on the list.


So, as you can see, to adjust preferable theme users are to make about four clicks. As a result, a lot of time is saved for promoting and working on content.

Free but high-quality templates

One may be afraid of using a free product because it can be worse than the premium one. But not in this case! Choosing a free theme doesn’t deprive clients of monthly updates and guarantees from developers. And the free option is a great way to try the service and not to lose money while the project isn’t very popular.

To sum up, we want to say is a good service for everyone who makes something online, and every content maker now can promote products and services for free.