Where to order Kodi professional products – Nailmastershop review

June 6, 2018

Every manicure artist is in search of a good store with a wide range of products, cheap and fast shipping and personal discounts. In this article, we’ll analyze, all its categories and conditions for buyers. It’ll be interesting not only for professionals but for those who made manicure at home.

The website’s design and convenience

The first thing visitors notice is how a shop looks like. This one has a minimalistic design with a combination of purple and white color. All products are divided into categories like “Rubber base”, “Gel polish”, “Brushes” etc. And every section subcategories with brands which make searching very easy.

Product range

Nailmastershop has a limited number of brands: Kodi professional, Gelliant, Tertio and Staleks for tools. But it doesn’t make a product range narrow because the goods are high-quality and the number of them really impresses. The main focus is made on Kodi professional so there’re many series of gel polish: Basic, Confetti, OLD, Thermo, Cat Eye and even more. This store guarantees that everything is made in the USA so you can buy original products with great ingredients.

Other details

There’re some more things we liked about Nailmasteshop. Firstly, almost in every category, there’re goods with sales, it’s always great to save some money. Then, an option of adding a product which is out of stock on the wish list is very convenient so you’ll know when it’ll arrive. Moreover, this shop delivers orders throughout the world and international shipping costs only $10. Kodi gel polish.

To sum up, we’ve found a good variant with reasonable prices. Particularly, if you don’t ignore the discounts and buy a lot.