What is Bestmixer – Protect Your Cryptocurrency Data

June 4, 2018

Everybody who changes cryptocurrency and sends it to other people must know about the risks of being non-anonymous. As it turned out, every Internet user is transparent for government and criminals. All personal information is available and it’s very easy to find the wallet number and the amount of money you own. Fortunately, there are services which solve this problem.

Bestmixer creators’ goals

One of these platforms was created in 2018 by a group of people who hide their names and addresses to stay unidentified. Besmixer is a website removing the users’ data while exchanging cryptocurrency. The main goal is preventing problems with law, thefts, and leaks to other services.

The rules of the game

To break the connection between the name and cryptocurrency data you need to send the coins to Bestmixer reserve. Then they are mixed and in the end users have the same amount of money but their origin is different.
Of course, it isn’t free. There’s a fee which depends on the type of currency (3 options are available: BTC, LTC, BCH), amount of coins and your personal discount, which grows.

How to become a member

Press a special button on the main page, choose the coin you want to mix. After that, fill in the recipient’s address, choose the mixing type (alpha, beta or gamma) and how long delay you wish. As a result, your coins will start mixing and the recipient will get it without the personal data. You have money without being detected by anyone.

New laws and restrictions give cryptocurrency earners a hard time but, luckily, there is Bestmixer. Stay tuned to get more information about this service and to know how to be anonymous on the Internet.