How to effectively collect push notifications on your site?

October 1, 2018

Push notifications are the trend of 2018. It is a powerful channel of communication with the audience of the site, an easy way to return users to the site, to report on something important, as well as a fresh channel for the audience’s monetization of the site.

How to start collecting the base of push subscriptions on your site?

First, select the push ads network that will be used to build the database. This decision is fundamental because the base of subscriptions from the service will not be collected, and if you want to change the service-collector, you will have to save the database from scratch.

Basically, these services are free and do not differ in the variety of functionality. Some services, for example, allow you to monetize your subscriber base by sending out newsletters from advertisers from the advertising exchange.

After you have decided on the service do the following:

  • Customize the appearance of the subscription form, which will motivate the user to agree to receive push notifications from you. Choose the format of the subscription form (dialog box, pop-up, shortcut), write texts suitable for your site, customize colors, and upload company illustrations.
  • Define the logic for displaying the subscription form. By time on the site, by repeated calls or viewing depth.
  • Install the code of the collector on your site. Usually, the whole procedure takes no more than 15 minutes.

How to effectively collect push subscriptions on your site?

Most importantly, offer the user a relevant reason to subscribe to you. It is also recommended segmenting subscriptions by interests, geography, sex, age, etc. Thus, in the future, you can offer useful and interesting notifications to users.

With a well-designed form of collection, you can sign up to 10% of the audience site daily.

Here are several mini-cases for optimizing the subscription form on sites of different subjects:

  • News portal. Subscribe to the audience in the Politics section of the website with the wording “Subscribe and get the freshest news of politics first”. Conversion to the subscription will be 4.6% compared to the previous one.
  • An online clothing store. Collect the audience on the page of each product. If the user drags the mouse over the screen, suggest that he sign up for push notifications to find out first about the discounts for this product.
  • A site with a paid subscription to watch movies and TV shows. It’s all simple. Offer users to subscribe and receive new episodes of the series, which they just watched.