EuroJackpot brought the winners $97 000 000. Share this experience using Gobigwin

June 6, 2018

Have you ever dream of winning a great sum of money? Today we’ll know how to get the prizes in lotteries which are in the opposite part of the world. While exploring we’ve found a lot of useful information about European and other lotteries and want to share everything with you.

Almost $100 000 000 – the jackpot in EuroJackpot

Of course, you have hesitations whether you see the real numbers but don’t be afraid, it’s a maximum jackpot. The minimum prize one can win in EuroJackpot is 10 000 000 Euros. It’s a popular lottery which is played in 13 countries. For taking part you need to have a lottery ticket and to fill it in with 7 numbers according to the rules. There’s also an option of making a random combination for you. Online lotteries on

The places where you can buy a ticket

For European residents it’s not a problem, they need to go to the nearest kiosk or any place where the tickets are sold. But what other people should do? For foreigners, there’s online service Gobigwin which provide everybody with chances of winning. You just pay for the ticket, for the entry and wait until a special agent will buy the ticket for you. After the lottery is over you’ll see the results n a special section. If Gobigwin clients win, they get the money on personal accounts at once.

Who can play using Gobigwin

To try one’s luck a person should be at least 18 years old. One more important thing is not to have local prohibitions because in some countries you can’t participate in foreign lotteries. Don’t forget about taxes which you’ll have to pay the government, in some places they’re very huge. Even Spaniards pay taxes after winning EuroJackpot.